Visitors Map for The Real Halloween 2016

So you don’t get lost in the woods at The Real Halloween … and so you can plan out where to go and what to do, here’s our map.  Now’s the time to start thinking about what to make for your Veg o Lantern competition entry, a few thoughts for a ‘story’ (can be just hopes and wishes) about a wood or tree, to get your free baby tree to take home, and of course which activities and Workshops to do, and what to wear.


For a bigger version click here.  Don’t worry if you can’t print it out: a Programme is handed out at the Gate and the map is on the back.  (Note taht the Stories are now in the Toadstool Dome which is red and white and not in a tent – but in the same place as shown on the map).

For a map of how to get there see here.

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