How to Help and Plans for 2017

How to help us with finding bookings for traveling workshops, fundraising, volunteering, becoming a Supporter and helping us locate a site for the first Fairy Meadow.


November 2016: We’ve completed The Real Halloween in great weather.  Thanks to all those who helped and came along for making it a success.  If you love our Workshops, activities and  The Real Halloween and Fairy Fair then you are probably aware that we’re not able to do them in 2017 due to a lack of resources.  We need some time out from big events to raise funds, get some more volunteer help and organise some other big projects (see below for more and how to help).


See more of our pictures at the Photos page (the pix from The Real Halloween 2016 are at the top of the page).  We’ll be posting more photos soon.  If you have some to share please email them to us.

How to Help: Get Us a Booking

Fairyland isn’t stopping in 2017:  we will be out and about with a lot more traveling Workshops next year, which we could bring to an event near you.  The details of a selection of Workshops avaialable for hire are to be found on our new Hire Us pages

So the first way you can help us is to share our Hire Us pages with an event organiser, and suggest that they hire our Workshops.  It’s much better if someone local or who knows an event organiser makes the first contact, and they have a good look at the Hire Us pages first, so please do that rather than just telling us about the event.

Soon we will create a new page listing all the events we are going to in the rest of 2016 and 2017 and keep it updated.

Help With Fundraising

Every little helps.  In January we are again running our Jumble Sale in Norwich.  If you can help organise that, or help by giving a bit of time or resources for other local fundraising, please get in touch.

We need to raise funds to keep the Trust going – for instance we no longer even have our own van (our beloved Fairy Van had to be retired a few years ago) !  A new van of our own would help us keep costs down and reach more children but it’s not the only factor. We also need funds to pay for our stores, insurances, training Workshop leaders and a host of other things that are essential to enable us to reach children and families with nature.


Help us Find A Fairy Meadow Site


Do you know anyone in Norfolk or close by who might have a suitable site for our first Fairy Meadow ?

Thanks to many of you we have raised over £20,000 to enable us to buy our first site.  This will involve buying a piece of land with low nature value, and re-sowing it with wildflowers to create a place where families can visit, explore nature and picnic as their great grandparents used to be able to do when before countryside was impoverished by intensive modern farming. If you think you might be able to help please read our updated Fairy Meadow page where you will also find a downloadable pdf giving details of the sort of site we are looking for and the sort of help we’d most appreciate.

Can You Volunteer ?


You don’t have to look like a Flower Fairy to help !  We need all sorts of organising and doing from big jobs, to DIY type stuff in our stores, to small ones you can do at home or with friends.  Please email us to volunteer.

Become a Supporter

Most of all we need to boost our Supporter numbers.  Despite creating a really successful award-winning formula and attracting over 150,000 people to dozens of events, we still have just a tiny band of loyal Supporters who make it all possible.


We realise many people simply cannot give time by volunteering but you can do to help grow and sustain the Fairyland Trust by becoming a Supporter .  If we had one thousand Supporters rather than the current 150 or so, we’d be able to afford to pay both a part time events coordinator and a part time co-ordinator to raise funds.   Then we’d really be able to do far more.


thank you and hope to see you again soon !

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