A Message from Sticky, Toffee and Pudding (updated 2)

Updated 26 10 16

Hello admirers – yesterday we was on expedition up the city with that Abbie Panks.  We was up late – ’twas full light the time we were about.  So we’s frumpled as a bag of Jilly Hooters bin on Yarmouth Jollifercarshuns but we had a good mardle and lest we run on an’ craze you, here be some pictures.     


This nest box had two howells but was a right tight squeeze


Seemed they do have some trees in Norwich


Feeling nervous over water.  Sticky’s jifflin about


This ones on tha huh. Something up with this Forum building.


Hoping to get in to the BBC and find that Chris Packaham or Derek Attlebourough


BBC wouldn’t entertain us. Resorted to the Library.


Parched we are so a roight nice cup of tea.  Time ter be gittin on hum.


Keep yew a troshin and see yew Real Halloween



22 Oct: “We hope to be going on tour with Abbie Panks in Norfolk this week.  Follow us on twitter @fairylandtrust or on Facebook ‘Fairyland Trust’ for updates”



Above: Sticky (left), Toffee and Pudding, “we are three Sugar Beet Owls”

Hello, we are three Owls who will be observing at the Veg o Lantern competition.  We hope you will make some friends to come and see us at The Real Halloween (we can’t enter ourselves as we have spent too long in Fairyland but we’ll feel a bit lonely if nobody else shows up).  Hope to see you there !

As you can read here, the idea is to make traditional ‘jack-o–lanterns’ using British root veg or other fruits and veg but not pumpkins.  Make sure to include a space for a tea-light and use vegetable material for arms, legs, wings, ears etc – and you can use googly eyes.  Do have a look at some of the great creations made in recent years.  Entry is free and there are prizes to be won !


Here we are watching TV.  “On the whole we like wildlife films and gardening programmes, not horror flicks like ‘The Great British Bake-Off'”.


This is us when we migrated to our holiday perch.


“There was a big moon last night but you can see how our tea-lights give us a nice sweet glow.  After a bit we have a roasting sugar sort of smell”.


Our ears and wings are made from bay leaves and our noses from onions.


Here’s “Cooky” one of our friends from a previous Veg o Lantern competition.


Don’t forget to put in a tea-light for after dark !

Here’s some of this year’s cool Veg o Lantern competition prizes:


The 6 – 12 years category prizes.  Nice book !  Should help you spot bugs (if you find any slugs please direct them elsewhere, and please don’t bring any rabbits to The Real Halloween).  Cuddly fox and a bug making-bigger magnifier thingy. (See details below – also get a Seed Wand)


The Family Category Prizes. Bird Food (not sure what’s in there but not Sugar Beet we think).  Another nice book and some Animal Masks of British Wildlife.  Worth making a Veg o Lantern for !

(See details below – also get a Seed Wand and a Bat Kit)

Looking forward to seeing you at the Veg o Lantern Competition.  Be sure to get your entries in by 3pm, Prizes at 4pm.


“Byeee !”


Teddy Maufe at Branthill Farm for the Sugar Beets http://www.therealaleshop.co.uk/

Fairyland Trust Supporter, Dawn Champion, for donating the prizes



This message was brought to you by the Fairyland Gardeners and Wort-Raisers Society

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