A Map of The Real Halloween to help you

Every year we give out a printed Programme to all visitors to The Real Halloween, and on the back there is a map, which may also help you plan your day .  We put up signs too but sometimes a few people still lose their way in the woods so to try and help, here’s an in-advance view of our map.

TRH map 2014 web

You can see that there’s quite a bit going on in The Woods (see top right section – pls note it’s a 5 minute walk from the Lawn).  Witch Training, Wizard Training, Witches Kitchens and Fairy Banquets.  And of course you can wander, look for the ancient sweet chestnut or surprise a squirrel.  The telling of The Real Halloween Story also takes place in the Woods, and after that the (new) Parade of Lantern Animals.  (For timings see Programme under ‘Line Up’).

Even when wet, the hard road through the woods is suitable for buggies but the tracks off that road can be muddy so we don’t advise taking buggies on those in the dark.  If you are planning on seeing the Parade, remember that it will return to the Main Lawn before finishing.


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