Veg-o-Lantern Competition: Win Fairy Fair Tickets and Other Prizes



Can you make an animal lantern out of some old vegetables ?   Enter the Veg-o-Lantern competition at The Real Halloween and you could win fabulous prizes.

Simply make your Veg-o-Lantern (follow the simple Rules at our website), take it to the Café, and fill out an Exhibitor’s Card* before 4pm. Prizes will be awarded at 5pm on Saturday, and at 4pm on Sunday, in the Performers Tent.

Categories: 6 – 11 years; 12 and over (no upper age limit); and Family.


6 – 11: 3rd – Bat Kit (makes two bats).   2nd: Bat Kit & Seed Wand. 3rd: Bat Kit, Seed Wand and Animal Kit.

12 and up: 3rd – A yummy cake. 2nd – A Plate of Yummy Cakes. 3rd – A Bigger Cake made by a local chef.

Family: 3rd – A Cooking for Trolls Apron. 2nd – A Cooking for Trolls Apron, a Seed Wand, mystery child’s present, plus selection of Home Made Local Preserves. 1st – A Family Ticket (two adults, two children) for the 2015 Fairy Fair, plus a Cooking for Trolls Apron, a Seed Wand, mystery child’s present, and selection of Home Made Local Preserves.

*Fill in your details as shown above – but leave the Box blank. The Clerk to the Judges will fill that in.

Please Note: this Competition is the Official Fairyland Veg-o-Lantern Competition, run by the Fairyland Gardeners and Wort-Raisers Society. The Society is Affiliated to the Royal Wort-Raisers Society, (Founded 2001, received Royal Charter, 1809). Applications for Membership are presently closed but if vacancies become available, A Notice will be Posted in the Usual Place.

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