Visitor Site Map For The Real Halloween 2022

The visitor’s site map for The Real Halloween 2022 – not to scale!

(download a larger version)

Activities shown on the map include:

Real Broomsticks

Witches Kitchens

Fairy Banquets

Rimski Piano

Halloween Lanterns

King and Queen


Halloween Games

Performance Tent (venue for Mr Pineapple-Head, the Shackleton Trio, No New Plastic Fancy-Dress Competition, Veg-o-Lantern Competition, telling of the Story of the Real Halloween

Popcorn Wizards

Bat Girls

Story Telling

Pixie Post

Penny Less and Musical Toadstools

Fairy Market, including Face Painting and Wild Touch

The Good Elf Pub and Cafe

Witch Training

Wizard Training

Witches Bats

Witches Owls

Wizard Shields

Magic Wands

Not shown: the Parade of Animal Lanterns – this assembles between the fire on the Main Lawn and Halloween Lanterns at the end of the event



First Aid

Baby Change

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How to Get There 

Times of programmed activities    

The map will also be on the Programme handed out as you enter the site.  

See you at The Real Halloween ! 


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