First results from The Halloween Survey

Are you a parent ?  Have you done our Halloween survey yet ?  There’s still time and it only takes a minute or two.  Let us know what you think here.   Meanwhile here are the some of the results as of this morning, from the first 152 responses:

  • Over 60% plan to take their children to a Halloween event this half term
  • 69% agree Halloween has become too commercial
  • 92% would like to see a more traditional nature based approach to Halloween*
  • 86% think schools should do more to teach children about the real history of Halloween
  • 66% agree there are events they would not take children to because they are too scary
  • 28% think Halloween now involves too much tantrum-causing sugar
  • 42% have discouraged their children from trick-or-treating because it can scare other families or older people
  • 36% feel under pressure to let children do trick-or-treat but have concerns about it
  • 13% have suffered problems from trick or treating at their own home
  • 32% have been disappointed about the quality of local Halloween events

Asked “which do you most associate with Halloween – bats, owls, hedgehogs or ghosts ?”, bats so far top the poll at 49%, then ghosts at 36%, owls at 12% and hedgehogs at 2%.  What about you – which would you vote for ?  Tell us here.

(In our nationally representative survey published in May, 85.2% agreed “it is vital to introduce young children to nature”).

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