Fairyland Planning Guidance for Fairy Doors in Trees (Circular 1)

wayford woods

We’ve noticed that there is a lot of human discussion about an outbreak of ‘Fairy Doors‘ at Wayford Woods in Somerset.  The managers of the Woods are getting worried about the number of doors and playgrounds etc. (see links below) and are introducing planning controls.

We at the Fairyland Trust don’t want to discourage making Fairy Houses, indeed we do it at the Fairy Fair and other events but agree that a balance needs to be struck to make the developments sustainable, and not damaging to the woods.  We’ve made some enquiries from sources close to the Fairy Queen, who’ve asked us to share these Fairy Planning Guidelines:

1. Avoid using plastic and metal in any Fairy construction, including silver foil, or any non water-based paints.  Fairies do not appreciate these artificial materials.  Instead try to use natural materials which can be nibbled by creatures like Wood Mice, and in the end, grown on by mushrooms and toadstools.  Untreated wood, twigs, hessian, and natural string (eg jute twine) are all good.

2. Magical creatures know that humans provide slides and chairs and other garden furniture with good intentions (at the Fairy Fair we’ve noticed some fairy jacuzzis) but we don’t really use them.  We bathe in Fairy Basins for example (also known as buttercups) and like to sleep on banks of moss and in Cowslip Bells, and shelter from the rain in Wood Sorrel blossoms  – so please leave those for us.  A few snail shells are good as garden ornaments, as are acorn cups, beech-mast and other tree seeds.

3. We noticed that Wayford Wood is an Ancient Woodland, the very best type for Fairies.  It also has lots of lovely Bluebells.  Please never ever trample on these (keep to the paths).  Not only do they look beautiful and smell fantastic but they are vital Fairy equipment. You may have read of folklore that says Fairies ring the Bluebells at midnight to call one another to their revels (parties).  As parties are important, we’d appreciate protecting the Bluebells.  We are unlikely to use any doorways where Bluebells have been squished.
4. Don’t use cement, nails or screws to fix doors to trees.  The trees don’t like it.


5. Treats.  Do leave us treats.  Hazel nuts, raisins, a few leaves (for our clothes) and birdseed (for our friends), are always welcome.  Check back regularly to see if we need more.






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