Images From The Real Halloween Photobooth (2015)

Are you or your friends in any of these pictures ?

If you are thinking about coming to the Fairy Fair, we thought you might take some inspiration from these photos of visitors to the photobooth at the last Real Halloween.  With a bit of seasonal adjustment of course !  (Wildflowers are a big thing at the Fairy Fair).

The Spring Photobooth you will see at the Fair has a backdrop of giant Bluebells but we’ll have some props and costumes on hand if you’d like to use them, and please do dress up as the urge takes you.  Why not look at these dressing up ideas ?

(Many thanks to everyone who agreed to let us share these pictures).


PDSC0108 PDSC0103 PDSC0101 PDSC0099 PDSC0097 PDSC0092PDSC0091 PDSC0090 PDSC0083 PDSC0082 PDSC0081 PDSC0079 PDSC0070 PDSC0065 PDSC0063PDSC0061 PDSC0051 PDSC0047 PDSC0044 PDSC0041 PDSC0038 PDSC0037 PDSC0034

PDSC0023 PDSC0018 PDSC0017 PDSC0010 PDSC0009 PDSC0008 PDSC0004 PDSC0003

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