Help The Bees !


The Bee Cause on the tube, October 2013

The Bees are coming …

(by the way if you notice any resemblance to magical creatures previously known as ‘Trolls’, that is due to an intervention by the Fairy Queen after the unfortunate incident in the Performance Tent, with the slugs, may they Rest In Peace)

If you are coming to the Fairy Fair you may notice some BIG BEES.  We’ve had some help from Friends of the Earth on the Bee front … so, please visit their great Bee Cause campaign website to help bees !  Even if you can’t make it to the Fair, this is a great cause to support (you can get a free Bee Kit at the website).

There are two things to do now: first, download their app and count your bees … second, let them know about your garden.  Good luck (wait for some sunshine !) our Bees Need You.

make your bees count

bee count web page

join the garden project

wild gardens

bzzzzzzzzzzz – do this to make bees happy


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