Get the Poster for The Real Halloween 2019!

Here’s our new poster – please help us share it far and wide to get people flying to The Real Halloween (tickets on sale from Saturday)



Download a larger file (jpeg) version here

Download a higher definition pdf version for printing here

We love our new poster designed by Sam Symonds, showing a hedgehog ‘flying to The Real Halloween’.  We hope you like it too.  Hedgehogs need our help and we will be in touch with ideas about how to help them in the coming weeks – plus we have a Hedgehog Houses drop-in at The Real Halloween. 

Please share it on social media and send it to anyone you think might come to The Real Halloween, or be able to tell others about the event.  If you can print a few and put them up in friendly shops, cafes, schools, children’s centres or community venues, that would massively help up as we don’t have the funds to print and distribute lots directly.  (Don’t forget to put one on your fridge and maybe in your car window).

Other great ways to help include adding this little graphic to messages, profiles or headers (copy and save image):

Or this longer one as used on our home page (fits across the top of Facebook pages as a banner) (copy and save image):

We will also be doing some broomstick flying you can take part in at The Real Halloween – more on that later. 

Thank you for sharing this to help us get more families and children flying along to The Real Halloween !





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