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the 2019 Fairy Fair (Bradmoor Woods)


“It was magical.. The loveliest venue, brilliant entertainment and the little ones… Well just lovely too x” – Henrietta O 
“we went there x was amazing !  a must do for every Family once a year” – Melan C
“Had just the best day today. Can’t wait for the next one” – Joy P
“I went and had an amazing time” – Sal L

“Was soo impressed with his show [Mr Alexander] ..a true entertainer..” – Ruth B
“This was our first Fairy Fair and we came all the way from Plymouth specially we all had The Most Awesome Day! Thank you so much to all the organisers and volunteers for all your hard work. Can’t wait to come back! P.s. this was also our little one’s first ever festival and she loved every minute”. – Lou F
“A really great day. We normally do the real Halloween event and this was our first fairy fair. We have been looking forward to this since October. Feels very much like coming home. Well done all and an especially big thank you to Mr Alexander who did his best to give us a show even though the rain made it to dangerous to do his big tricks. Anyone who doesn’t attend these events is really missing out on one of the gems that makes Norfolk great. Here’s to October …” – Ian S

At the last Fairy Fair that was held in Holt, Marliya made a fairy garden in the workshop. She has looked after it ever since & this year she has been able to give eight strawberry plants to her school for their Gardening Club, as well as having an amazing crop of strawberries to pick & eat!

We came to Bradmoor Woods on Sunday and Marliya made another fairy garden; now living inside a terracotta tile ‘pot’ in the garden.

Thank you for continuing to provide magic in our lives. We look forward to seeing you again.

Helene  & Marliya T

It was our first Fairyland Fair but I know it won’t be our last. I’m not certain who enjoyed it most. Mummy (me), Nanny, Frankie 7 and Rosie 6 all dressed up and had such fun putting together our costumes. I had Pre booked crown making and elf training both of which were excellent in different ways. We loved the arcade, the show, the music the craft stalls and can’t wait until next year so we’re going to come back for the ‘Real Halloween’. I’m so torn part of me wants to shout from the rooftops how good it was and the other part of me doesn’t want it to get too popular and get spoilt! Well done everyone. Kind regards and see you in October

Jo G


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The Real Halloween (Bradmoor Woods)

Absolutely loved this venue and we all had a wonderful time. The best yet! Well done Fairyland Trust! 

Thank you for organising this wonderful event.

Fabulous day! Thanks so much xx

The most amazing day out ever- just perfect fun

The ‘Real Halloween’ event has very quickly become mine and may family’s favourite event of the year. It is a wonderful, enchanting, engaging, informative, immersive, interactive, sensory experience. When you arrive the first thing you notice is the signage that tells you we’re to park. They are hand made and painted with thought, time and in places humour. You park and head towards the colourful tents, banners and bunting in the woods. Your met by volunteers who all have eclectic ,often retro, steampunk with a hint of magic dress sense giving you a strong safe felling that it is ok to be your individual selves here. Your nose becomes filled with the smell of the different foods for all different tastes from meat to vegetarian and vegan. Again making you feel that all are welcome and no one is judged. The fire cycle is a social centre piece were complete strangers sit and share a moment of meeting in the woods in front of a toasty fire while the music from the performance tent floats over the sound of adults and children alike laughing and chatting. Volunteers dressed as different species of bats that swoop and skip amongst families talking about the differences and habits of their bat. They are offers an opportunity to make their own in the craft tent. Children are encouraged to join one of the work shops where members-of the trust lead children on a wonderful journey of learning about the natural world and its inhabitants in a fun,funny and fantastic stay of delivery. Children come away all the richer for hearing of the behaviours of birds, the magic of trees and a comparison for life. The evening draws to a close after the most important part, the telling of the ‘Real Halloween’. A story full of magic, love, adventure and mindfulness as to the world around us, and not a bit of ‘horror’ in sight.

I cannot recommend this event and the trust that facilitate this moment of true ‘dare I say educational, magic enough!

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I joined because I think it is a magical idea for a children’s’ day out. They talk about it for months afterwards and always look forward to the next adventure. We have even brought friends down from Glasgow to go to last years Halloween and they loved it!    Ailsa S

I believe in its aims and its unique way of bringing together the great outdoors, nature awareness, families, fun, creativity and of course a large sprinkling of magic!   Jane B

I became a supporter of the Fairyland Trust as it is a local charity I wholeheartedly believe in and see how much it impacts on the lives of children in what is a very digital world where they are often glued to computers and televisions. Although these things have their place in small doses I believe learning about the power of nature, loving and respecting it and seeing the magic in it is such a powerful thing for children to be armed with. This knowledge will help to keep the magic alive through the next generations and to help us to protect our planet.   Jessica R

Walking back to the car when we left, there were three children in front of me skipping (children always skip when they are happiest) and pointing out tree stumps, saying “that’s where the goblins live”. Children showing us with delight the fairy garden they’d made. Seeing children absorbed in making their “crown”. That’s why I’m a supporter…children absorbed in nature, not a computer screen, and loving it.  Hilary H

It is quite simple …..connecting to nature is REAL Magic…..and I wish for the Fairyland Land trust to go on and on and on…..  Sue S-C

The Fairy Land Trust organize the best family events I think I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to loads.  It is truly a magical day out.  It’s non commercial, it is gentle, whimsical, and fun. It’s also educational in the best sense – the kids and parents learn about nature without being lectured at.  The Halloween event is even better than the summer fair.  Walking through the woods at dusk, with our just-made glass lanterns whilst bats swooped overhead, will stay with me for many years to come.  Jo F

You are a tiny charity and put on an amazing event. I believe wholeheartedly in your aims, and although I have to travel 6 hours to get to your events, it is worth it. I want to give my ongoing support in order that you can continue connecting children with nature in this increasingly disconnected world.   Emma D

It is great to see children outside in the fresh air, having fun and learning about nature and hopefully truly connecting with it, so that they continue to learn about it after the fairy fair.  It is so much better and healthier than being permanently attached to a computer.

It is also great to see strangers talking to one another.  The volunteers are special as they work so hard to make a good fairy fair.  They make an effort with their customers and know how to talk with children and adults.  Once you have been to one fairy fair, you come back.   Ellie J

Giant fairies dancing

I became a supporter to enable my family to continue coming to the Fairy Fair every year, as we have done for the last 3 years. I love the non-commercial feel of the event and that my children can be ‘children’, enjoy the outdoors and let their imaginations run wild. We leave with warm fuzzy feelings every time.  Hazel B


“As the debate about the environment is increasingly dominated by complex political and scientific questions, there is a risk that people will forget why we were worried about the decline of nature in the first place. Harnessing the magical and spiritual dimensions of the natural world is vital for inspiring solutions that will make sense to people. The Fairyland Trust is using unique new methods.”

Tony Juniper

” a conservation day with a difference”.

Eastern Daily Press

“You have created an Organic Disney”. 

A Dad at Fairy Fair

“Do we have to go back to England now?” 

Child on leaving a Fairyland Trust event

Some comments from earlier events

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makinga wish

Fairyland was truly superb. I will be booking my familys tickets for next year as soon as they become available. A really brilliant day out for the kids. Hugely impressed.  Thomas G

Troll helping Dr Tim

My husband and I brought our sons to the event that you recently held and we just wanted to compliment you on a wonderful day out for the family. When I first mentioned a trip to fairyland to my 7 and 8 year old boys, there was more than a hint of suspicion from them. By the time we left at the end of the day though – they were raving about it all – especially the troll cooking! So from Paddy and Thomas a very big thank you. We shall definitely be returning!  Claire L

My daughter, Jessica, and I came to the Fairy fair for the first time this year. We loved it! Jessica says ‘It was great doing the wings!’ She attended 3 workshops which were calm, educational and fun. We will definitely be back next year as there were lots of things that we did not get a chance to do and we have recommended it to lots of friends. Thank you for a fabulous fairy experience!   Sarah and Jessica B

flying lesson

Hi all at the fairyland trust.  Just a note to say we fully enjoyed our day at the fairy fair for the fourth year running … As always, too much to fit in on one day so we will just have to come back next year 🙂 …. Actually, looking forward to the Real Halloween…. thanks for putting on such a fabulous event.   Nicki B

elf training 12

Thank you for arranging such a smashing day at the Fairy Fair. We went on Sunday and the kids ( two preschoolers and a 6 year old) and us had a great time – although my daughter was so overwhelmed by it all she slept for an hour in the performance tent regardless of the band playing!  The place looked beautiful, there was an excellent array of food available and it all felt most welcoming. The pirates pantomime ( and his pooing tortoise) and the Elf Training Camp was particularly enjoyed, and it was lovely to see the kids enthusiastically exploring the different trees and bugs. Our three were also entranced by the troll – we had to drag them away. What worked was that the performances and workshops were all professionally delivered which speaks volumes for the respect given to the kids.   Olivia N

We absolutely loved this year’s Fairy Festival. We came last year and thought it was brilliant then too. We were a bit disappointed that the troll had to stay in his lair this year (especially when a man who had a sword in his tummy walking around dying was allowed). But it was great and the hard work put in by everyone is amazing.  Lucy T-B

Another fab day out at the fairy fair our son suffers with autism and ADHD finding places to go is hard he enjoys the outdoors and just loves the troll . Everyone is so kind and non-judgemental and my husband and I are always very gratefully to u all thank you x  Claire P

Fabulous event. Wonderful setting. Perfect for our six and two year old and other ages in our party. Brilliant fun and so much to see and do. And what weather! See u next year.  Christine G

Magpie story telling

A Massive Thank You.  To all of the people who make this happen, thank you ever so much. This was the second year that I have taken my granddaughter and the magical tapestry you weave is a breath of fresh air. I think the balance you have struck is just right, thank you again. I will see you next year with my new grandson as well. Kind Regards Andy W

I love coming because of the innocent magical environment that encourages children and adults to get closer to nature and appreciate it’s infinite beauty but also it’s fragility, and our role and purpose to contribute to its longevity! I love the fairs and try to let as many people I know about them so they may benefit too.  Susie 🙂 x


Many many thanks to you all for allowing a lot of children (and adults) to get in touch with their imagination – you all did a tremendous job!  Anon

We had a fab time at the fairy fair and our girls had the time of their lives. We will definitely be going again, thank you for a lovely day.

Girls with their Fairy House

We had such a wonderful day on Sunday that we didn’t want to go home; we wished that we go back again on Monday! We support the Fairyland Trust because we want to keep coming to the magical events for years to come. As a family with three daughters the Fairyland Events are truly our favourite days out, with just the right balance of childhood, nature and all that is magical for us all. I am sure as the girls grow up they will come to cherish all the wonderful memories of these special days! In their words…..when asked why they support the Fairyland Trust….the replied ” that’s easy, because it’s awesome!!” Sarah and Alan W ( and the girls)


Great Day at ‘The Real Halloween’. The Wand Making was a highlight as was the fabulous parade.

J G-Chauvet

rook features

Had an fantastic afternoon enjoying a “Real Halloween” with Fairyland Trust  – Conkers , Parsnip Skittles , Bat Mobiles , Corvids ( Ravens ) – lantern making, story telling ,wand making , crafting but best of all was the wizzard training in the woods with a 700 year old master wizzard and the latern walk through the woods with stories , fire eaters and music at dusk – thank you

P.A. Search


They were telling me what they want to do when they go next year on the way home

V Alvarez

Had another fab day at the Real Halloween. This was the third time we’d been and definitely the best weatherwise. Some great stalls selling gorgeous things again, Fairiechild and Jabbawocky being our favourite. My daughters now 11 but I’m hoping she’ll want to come for a few more years yet!

J Stangroom

Had a great day out!  Thanks so much, fabulous day and the food available was amazing, gluten free! WOW!!    S Claypole

jam jar lantern making

Would just like to say thank you, we had a magical day on Sunday at the real Halloween, the kids highlights were the story tellers, the lantern parade and the music. Looking forward to the summer fair x


PJ Parker

Thank you for a brilliant day on Saturday we loved it :0)

JM Gissing

Would just like to say thank you, we had a magical day on Sunday at the real Halloween, the kids highlights were the story tellers, the lantern parade and the music. Looking forward to the summer fair x

J Lythgoe

We thought it was amazing, really like the magical glowing animals in the candle lit parade


C Robins

Thank you for a truly magical day. Our three little witches loved every second – especially the lantern parade. What special childhood memories they will have from today. Thank you all! Xxx

B Jennings


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