Tour Poster May – June 2017

Please note that this poster has been amended due to a volunteer crew member losing his phone ! If you want to book for Elf Training in Heigham Park on May 30th, please now call Adam on 07879 213 136.

Have you seen our new Tour poster ?  We hope you like it.

A simple, quick and easy way to help the Fairyland Trust is to share this poster from this page or print it out and show it to friends, neighbours or relatives.  Sticking it in a car window is a good way of spreading the word.   Or just put it on your fridge as a reminder.

You can find out more details at our Next Events page.

If you live, work or visit anywhere near to one of these venues then getting it put up in a shop, workplace or school would also really help.  Thank you and hope to see you there !


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