Wizard Training

It takes a very long time to become a fully trained Wizard, so why not start now with our wizard training workshop?

Join our two silly Wizards in the woods and learn about some of their favourite birds and trees.

Make your own wizard totem pouch and get top tips on beard growing.

Children must be 3yrs and up and accompanied by an adult.

Suits boisterous children.

£3/ child

“Had a fantastic afternoon enjoying a “Real Halloween ” – Conkers, Parsnip Skittles, Bat Mobiles, Corvids ( Ravens ) – lantern making, story telling, wand making, crafting but best of all was the Wizard Training in the woods with a 700 year old master wizard and the lantern walk through the woods with stories,  fire eaters and music at dusk – thank you” – JGC

“Most amazing time my grandson loved wizard training I think his mummy did too by the look of the smiles”

JM Gissing

wizard training





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