Witches’ Owls

Discover why Witches have a special bond with Owls. In this workshop you will hear the story of three witches with a communication problem, and their clever way to solve it! We will then show you how to make your own helpful Owl to take home. You can choose to make either the secretive Long-Eared Owl, or the small but feisty Little Owl.

Pre-book your workshop tickets when buying general admission tickets. £3 per child.

Children must be 3yrs and up and accompanied by an adult. No buggies or under 3s allowed in the tent.

Making an Long Eared Owl, 2021

witches owls

Little Owl (left) and Long Eared Owl


witches owls

Little Owl – Britain’s smallest owl. It likes to eat earthworms and insects

witches owls

Long-eared owl – rather quiet – the young make a noise like a creaking gate


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