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Our unique Fairyland Trust workshops have been adjusted so that we can continue to deliver them in a Covid-safe manner (in line with government rules).


How it works

Families approach a counter where they choose what to make. They are then given a paper bag with all their materials and an instruction sheet and shown to a space where they can site and make their creation together.

They complete their make by queuing up at a finishing station where one of the crew would help them add some finishing touches and tell them about more about the natural history and/ folklore of whatever they have made. 

Ages: please note that our workshops are suitable for children aged 3 – 8 yrs old and an adult carer must be present throughout.

Requirements and timings: these workshops can be run as drop ins once a space becomes available or as bookable slots if you prefer.

We can travel throughout the UK but we do need you to provide a very well ventilated venue or roofed outdoor shelter, and to provide hand washing facilities / hand sanitizer.

We provide two costumed trained crew who can run the workshops for 2 x 2.5 hours slots in one day with preferably an hour at lunch but 30 minutes will do if needs be.

The capacity and numbers of children and families we can cope with in one day entirely depends on the size of the venue.

On average it takes 10 minutes to complete each make.

Be Environmentally Safe Too!

All our workshops use compostable materials (UK sourced where possible) including glue to reduce our carbon footprint and plastic pollution.

Butterflies and Moths

Fairyland Trust Butterfly and Moth Workshop

Choose to make a variety of flapping  British moths and butterflies from paper and natural materials


Fairyland Trust Wildflower Workshop

Choose to make a variety of beautiful  British wildflowers from crepe paper and pipe cleaners (cards come with the Workshop)


Fairyland Trust Bats Workshop

Choose to make an adorable roosting Brown long eared or Daubentons bat,  from card, pipe cleaners and natural materials (cards come with the Workshop)


Fairyland Trust Owl Workshop

Choose to make a funny Long Eared or Little Owl from pine cones and natural materials (cards come with the Workshop)

Christmas Fairies

Fairyland Trust Christmas Fairy Workshop

Choose to make a Holly Christmas fairy or an Ivy Christmas fairy from a wooden peg and natural materials

Cost to Hire

£220/day for two workshop leaders, plus travel costs.

75 p / make completed  (to be calculated once the size of the space/ audience  is identified)

Contact: Sarah Wise 




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