The Real Halloween FAQs 2022

The Real Halloween FAQS: here we do our best to answer your questions.


Parking is £1 – please bring a coin.

How to Find Bradmoor Woods

By road:

Please do not use a post-code and app to find the site. You may well get very lost or delayed.

But please do use SAT NAV and postcode to get to Norfolk Woods Resort and Spa which is along the A47 at PE32 1HU. From there please follow our orange signs.  You can also head for the Folk in the Field pin on Googlemaps but again please approach from the North not the South as the road there easily gets blocked.  What3Words for that point is: entrust.clean.demanding 

Download a larger version

Important – please do not use the postcode PE32 1FQ .  That takes you to Congham village which is miles away. The correct postcode for Bradmoor Woods is PE32 1FB but that is quite large so when you get close use the above maps and/or follow the orange signs. 

If coming by train the nearest station with lots of taxis is Kings Lynn. 

The site is about 6 miles from Swaffham and 12 miles from Kings Lynn.

According to it is about 90mins or less from Great Yarmouth, Lincoln, Peterborough, Ipswich and Cambridge.  But please allow plenty of time.

First Aid

We will have a First Aid unit on site near the entrance gate

Baby Change

We have a Baby Change in the toilets by The Good Elf Pub.

Under 3’s

Under 3s are too young to do our workshops and too young for the 30 minute Halloween story.  There is therefore no charge for Under 3’s.


There is no creche at our events.  Children must be accompanied by an  parent or adult carer and remain their responsibility at all times.  

Health and Safety

If it is  an issue we will ask all our crew and performers to undertake a Covid test prior to The Real Halloween and not to attend if they are positive.  We ask the public to do the same and to abide by official advice current at the time of the event.  Hand washing facilities are available in the toilets.

You are advised to take due care in and around the site and in the woods, e.g. tripping on tree roots.  Parents and carers should not let children wander in the woods unaccompanied, and take particular care in the Car Park and around the fire.  You are advised not to dress children in flammable plastic (e.g. nylon or polyester) costumes.   

We advise you not to let children play in the bracken in the woods as it may increase the risk of encountering a tick if there has not been a frost.

Lost Children

We have run public events for twenty years and the great majority of “lost children” are found within a short time and re-united with their parents or carers.  Most often they do not think they are lost.

Should you lose contact with a child, please alert a member of the Crew (wearing a purple rosette or wrist band), or go to the Gate.  Radios will be used to initiate a crew search.    The most common cause of “lost” children is when they are left in the care of siblings, so please remember that children remain the responsibility of parents at all times, including when they are in performance tent, at drop-ins or in Workshops.  There are no crèche facilities at this event.

If you spot a child who appears to be lost, please alert a member of the Crew.  They will have a purple rosette or wrist band.

This also applies to carers of adults.  Be aware that it is quite possible to get lost in the woods at Bradmoor and take appropriate care.  If someone is going off on their own for a walk in the woods please make sure they have a phone and someone to contact back at the main site.



The site is pretty flat and relatively dry so the main lawn area and most paths are wheelchair accessible but may become muddy in wet weather. If planning to attend a workshop with a wheelchair please contact us at least a week before the event as the space is tight in the Bookable Workshops and we need to get you in.


If you have special dietary requirements we advise you to bring your own food.  Food vendors on site are supplying non-meat food.


No dogs or other pets are permitted on the event site or in the Car Park. Anyone found with a dog or other pet will be asked to leave the site. (Except guide dogs). 

Tickets and Terms and Conditions

See Eventbrite booking site.

Book here for Saturday

Book here for Sunday

Refunds will be issued until 7 days before the event day.  We are sorry but we are a small charity and budget The Real Halloween to make it as affordable to as many families as possible.  This means we  cannot absorb the costs of any unsold tickets. However you are very welcome, and we encourage you, to post unwanted tickets on our Facebook event page and to organise re-selling unwanted tickets yourselves, as there may be people looking to buy.

Tickets on the Day

If there are tickets remaining they will be sold at the gate, on the day, as will any unsold bookable Workshop tickets. Tickets at the gate will be £12.50.


There is no ATM on site but many stall holders will have a card machine and cash back may be available at the gate.  We advise you to also bring cash including £1 coins.

About the Fairyland Trust

We are a conservation charity working to help families introduce young children (especially 3 – 8 years old) to nature, through the use of arts and crafts, folklore, performance, storytelling and activities: read more at About.  


Please see our Help Us page 

About Bradmoor Woods

The woods are part of West Acre Estate and were originally a Wood Pasture, whose old oak trees can still be seen along the banks within the site.  They support a rich variety of wildlife.  Bradmoor Woods are currently rewilding parts of their estate. The part we use is also hired out for glamping – contact the estate office. 

Emergency phone number

07554 701270 – real emergencies only, not ticketing issues

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