Mother’s Day Lantern Kit


Create a beautiful Mother’s Day lantern with The Fairyland Trust

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Make this Mother’s Day Lantern with us.

Kits are now on sale with all the materials you need (except the jam jar) to make this lovely lantern that features two seasonal woodland wildflowers (Primrose and Viole) and three grateful hairy footed flower bees often seen at this time of year.

As always a youtube tutorial accompanies this make which can be viewed here

If you can’t be with your mum or grandma this year, why not buy two kits and send one to her so that you can make one together over a zoom chat.


1 x tea light

1 x template

1 x green pipe cleaner

3 x alder cones

3 x lengths of green wire

1 x length of white tissue paper

4 x squares of yellow tissue paper

4 x squares of purple tissue paper

2 x squares of green paper

2 x cards with information about Primroses and Violets

You will need to find:


Glue paste

Jam Jar

All money from these sales goes to supporting our charity



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