Magical Animal Lantern Parade


Join the Parade of Animal Lanterns at the end of the Telling of the Real Halloween Story, and wind your way through the dusky woods.

Meet us on the Main Lawn after The Real Halloween tale has been told, we’ll be there with matches to light your Halloween Lanterns. Join the Animal Lantern Parade as it weaves back through the woods and back to the Main Lawn. Look out for any partying witches and wizards along the way.

The route follows small woodland paths and is mostly level. Please do not bring buggies on the Parade as there is not enough room, instead enjoy a seat by the log fire, in The Good Elf Pub, or stand on the Main Lawn and watch the magical lights trail through the trees. 

Please do not use lights other than your lanterns.  Let your night vision develop!

Important: once your lantern is lit, please do not take it into any tent or structure

Starts after The Real Halloween Story

parade of animal lanterns

Keep a firm grip on your lantern string

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