The Trolls

Bernard (left) and Brenda (right) looking for a spot to lie down at a previous event.  (In the English Cricket Troll species, the female Trolls are larger). 

Have you met our friendly Trolls Bernard and Brenda?   They love coming to the Fair where they are on their very best behaviour but like all of us, they can get tired and like somewhere comfy to lie down.  So find them in the woods and help out by making Brenda a bed from natural materials.  His partner Bernard says: “I know she will be ever so grateful – her back plays up after the long migration to Norfolk from our winter quarters in Essex”.  

Troll Bed making begins at 2 pm and may finish by 2.30 pm. Do go and help them out.

“Any ideas on good bedding plants?” says Brenda

A free activity but may involve berries, twigs, bracken and leaf-mould.




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