Magical Ending TRH

“Had a brilliant time at Real Halloween, finished the day with an amazing lantern walk”.

V Tendall

“We thought it was amazing, really like the magical glowing animals in the candle lit parade

C Robins

The ending of The Real Halloween is, for a lot of visitors and crew, their favourite bit of the event.  There are now three main parts: the Telling of the Real Halloween Story, the Animal Lantern Parade, and the Fire Show.  The Fire Show is followed by time to spend around the fire, during which food stalls, the pub and cafe will remain open. So you can be refreshed before heading home – please do buy something as it helps the event break-even or raise funds.

Telling of the Story starts as dusk falls, at 5.30pm on Saturday, 4.30pm on Sunday.  The Parade begins about 6pm on Saturday, 5pm on Sunday, and takes around 15 minutes.  You are invited to join it with your Jam Jar lanterns lit (we help light them) but please do not use LED lights, phone-torches or head-torches as it ruins the atmosphere for everyone, and dazzles people.  The Fire Show starts as the Parade arrives back on the main lawn.  The event closes at 7pm Saturday and 6pm Sunday. 

The Story unveils the original Halloween when humans gave nature’s treats to the magical folk to stop bad tricks. This much is clear from historical accounts of autumn celebrations known in different parts of the country as Halloween or Samhain, and ‘trick or treat’ is a recent corruption of it in which humans demand treats from one another!

We felt it was sad that this nature-based tradition is being lost in the commercialization of Halloween, which along with simply helping introduce children to the many wonders of nature in autumn, is one reason why we created The Real Halloween event.  We hope you agree and enjoy it, and if you are not already one, will consider joining us as a Supporter, or helping in other ways. 


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