Liftshare Now Available !


Coming to The Real Halloween ?  Tickets are selling briskly.

If you are coming by car or are looking for a lift, please consider using our special Liftshare system.  You can find all you need to know here

Any driver using Liftshare gets free parking (normally £2) and priority parking.  Register with Liftshare which is a Norwich-based national organization and you will get a certificate to show the car park crew.

Drivers can find some extra passengers to help share the costs of fuel, and  non-drivers can register to find a lift to the event.

Filling up your car and using Liftshare helps us make the event greener, and more affordable to more people.  Register as soon as possible and please do not assume that nobody will be coming from your area.  We do get visitors from all over the country
so you could be lucky !

If you are coming by public transport you can find information under “Getting There” at the website

Finally, a reminder not to use your satnav and put in ‘Holt Hall’ or the postcode as it will send you to a locked gate, not the entrance on Kelling Road, which is the one you need.  There is a map here

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