Join Our Halloween Survey !

What do parents really think about Halloween as it is celebrated these days ?  It’s an ancient British tradition but has it lost its roots and become all too American and commercial ? Or is all that fright-fest stuff and sugary treats just a good laugh and the modern version of an Autumn party ?  And what about trick-or-treat ?

Please help us find out what people really think by completing this two-minute online survey.  So far as we know, you’ll be contributing to the ONLY such survey ever done.

At least one Norfolk Primary School thinks it’s all got too scary and they have decided not to put up any posters about Halloween events as a result.  We think that it’s a shame if Halloween loses its roots and connection with nature, and becomes a plastic horror show … which is why The Real Halloween isn’t like that at all.

But what do you think ? Please do the survey and let us know. It only takes a few minutes.

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