Workshop do’s and don’ts



All our Workshops are designed for children who are capable of listening quietly to a story for five minutes, and, of constructing a relatively simple ‘make’.  This means that none of them are suitable for babies, or one or two year old toddlers.  You can take these children to drop in activities such as Fairy Houses but you will need to care for them yourself.  Please do not book places in Workshops for under 3s.

Our Bookable  Tented Workshops are all structured around a story with a beginning, middle and end, through which children find out new things about nature while also making something magical.  The Workshops take place in Medieval Tents  and space is limited, as is time.  Each runs to a 45 minutes schedule.

As a result, late-comers cannot be admitted once the story has begun, and once the making  has begun, there is no time to ‘catch up’.  So please be on timeWe advise anyone who has booked a workshop to arrive on-site an hour before their first booked Workshop.

They are also not crèches – you cannot leave children under six in the Workshops unattended, and if you do leave any over six unattended, we cannot be responsible for them if they leave.  Nor can we complete the “makes” for them as this would spoil the experience for others.  So one parent or carer (there is no room for more) needs to sit in the Workshop to help their child or children if required.   Please try not to ‘do it for them’ unless they really can’t manage.

There is no room in the Workshops for buggies, so please think about how you will deal with that before you arrive.

s potions workshop1

Please do not bring any food or drink into a Workshop.  Eating spoils the magical atmosphere almost as much as talking to other adults, or using your phone:  please don’t.  Anyone bringing a hot drink will be refused entry as it is a safety risk.

If you have a child with special needs, please inform the Workshop Assistant well before the Workshop starts, and be prepared to assist yourself.  We cannot spend a disproportionate amount of time helping any one child.  If you have several children likely to need help, for whatever reason, please do not book more than one of them into any one workshop at once.

Disabled children are welcome but we only have room for one wheel-chair in the tent along with the rest of the children booked into a Workshop. If you need to bring a wheelchair into a Workshop for a parent/carer or child, please contact the Fairyland Trust ( at least a week before the event, and preferably before booking the Workshop.

The Bookable Training Workshops  are outside in the woods.    They do however involve a bit of running about and role-play so are not suitable for young children who are not confident once out of reach of from their parents.  Parents will not be allowed within the cordon but must stay near the training grounds and are encouraged to watch their children take part.

Please do not take flash photographs in these Workshops or talk on your phone.

no phone

Thank you for your help with making the Workshops enjoyable for everyone.

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