The Woods

Bradmoor Woods is a beautiful privately owned woodland (also run as a glamping site when we are not hiring it).  There are interesting old oak pollards, mainly along old boundary banks (above), which probably go back many centuries to when the whole area was a wood-pasture.  There are also a variety of other native and some non-native trees and woodland wildlife such as deer, woodpeckers, nuthatches and buzzards.  At one boundary of the site there is a small river – be careful – and in some areas away from the Main Lawn it is wet underfoot. Please come with appropriate footwear !

Away from the Main Lawn it is quite possible to get lost.  Please be careful!  If you are going for a walk in the woods it’s probably a good idea to take a phone and be able to contact someone back at the main site. 

The owners of the estate are very environmentally minded and are engaged with a rewilding project.  Please help them by respecting the woods.


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