First aid

There are trained First Aiders on site during public opening hours (First Aid Point on the Main Lawn near the Loos and Entrance Gate).

Most of the site is flat but much of it can become muddy in wet conditions.  Please be aware that you if are walking in woodlands where there may be tree roots and other obstacles.  The main lawns and paths are suitable for buggies and wheel chairs but some of the wooded areas are not.  There is a small river at the boundary of the site and parents and carers are reminded that children remain their responsibility at all times.

The site and event have been risk assessed but it is not possible to eliminate all risks.   In the event of extreme weather such as high winds which may pose a fire-risk, or threaten structures or trees, it may become necessary to close the event and evacuate the site.  Should this occur, directions will be given by public address and stewards.   The signal for Fire will be a continual mechanical bell rung on the Main Lawn.

Please be aware that it gets dark at the end of the event and take appropriate care, including of any children or adults you may be caring for.

If you have food allergies please be proactive in asking vendors about ingredients of food you may buy.

It being the Real Halloween we have a fire.   

Parents and carers are asked to ensure that their children remain safe around the fire at all times.  We advise parents/carers to avoid bringing children in shop-bought and plastic costumes at Halloween, as these are classed as toys and may not be as flame retarded/ resistant as clothes are required to be.  For more see here.

Please take care when using a Jam Jar lantern.  Stay on the path if taking part in the Parade of Lantern Animals. 

We advise you not to take under 3’s or buggies on the Parade.

Playing in the woods: there is at least one rope swing which is part of the fixtures of the site and the responsibility of the owners (we lease the site).  Please exercise your responsibility for children when allowing them to climb on trees or play objects and balance risk with benefit.

No hot drinks are allowed in Workshops.

Thanks for taking care of yourself and your party.

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