Lost children

We have run public events for twenty years and the great majority of “lost children” are found within a short time and re-united with their parents or carers.  Most often they do not think they are lost.

Should you lose contact with a child, please alert a member of the Crew (wearing a purple rosette), or go to the Fairyland Trust Information Point .  Radios will be used to initiate a crew search.    The most common cause of “lost” children is when they are left in the care of siblings, so please remember that children remain the responsibility of parents at all times, including when they are in performance tent, at drop-ins or in Workshops.  There are no crèche facilities at this event.

If you spot a child who appears to be lost, please alert a member of the Crew.  They will have a purple rosette or wrist band.

This also applies to carers of adults.  Be aware that it is quite possible to get lost in the woods at Bradmoor and take appropriate care.  If someone is going off on their own for a walk in the woods please make sure they have a phone and someone to contact back at the main site.


Example of crew member.

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