Wildflower Fortune Telling

Have you seen our exciting new Wildflower Fortunes project?  We need your support to get it finished and on the road.

Back in lockdown #1 we created a ‘Which Wildflower Are You?’ online quiz which was very popular.   That gave some of our younger crew the idea of creating wildflower fortune-telling project as a way to engage many more of their own generation, for instance at festivals.  A couple of years on we’ve bought a lovely vintage caravan, and have been converting it into the first and perhaps the world’s first Wildflower Fortunes Caravan.  

The first ten of the forty cards needed to make the Wildflower Fortunes set – painted by Sam Symonds with research by Willow Rose

We’ve commissioned some fantastic tarot-style cards combining natural history, authentic fairy folklore and a bit of our own magic, so you can take part in a Telling and discover which wildflower best matches you and your personality.  So far we’ve raised funds to pay for ten of the set of forty cards required to get the enchantment working, and we need to raise another £5000 to get the show up and running.

Please support us and donate at our Crowdfunder page, to help us spread the magic and importance of wildflowers to new audiences.

A test run with some of the decorations for the Wildflower Fortune Telling Caravan in March this year.  We hope to have it ready for the 2023 season including the Fairy Fair and other festivals.  We will be keeping our Supporters and update list informed of progress.

Watch this short video in which Ben Reynolds explains the project:


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