Fairyland Trust is a charity – and a very tiny one (read more About Us).  We need Supporters, donations and volunteers.

We rely on one-off donations and the generosity of our Supporters who give throughout the year, to keep us going.  We send our magical nature Workshops out around the country to reach as many families and children and possible and to help cover the costs of that we have to charge (see Hire Us) as we have no grants or sponsorship.  Donations from Supporters and others help us subsidise the traveling Workshops and the ones we put on at our own events, the Fairy Fair and The Real Halloween, to make them as affordable as possible so we reach as many children as possible.

Be A Supporter

Rosetta and Granny Sue became Supporters at the 2019 Fairy Fair – thank you!

Please if you can, become a Supporter here.  this is one of the very best things you can do to help the Fairyland Trust.  Being a Supporter is about more than giving money.  We seek the opinions of our Supporters and ask them to help us publicise our work and events. Many have also become volunteers and vice-versa.

Make a Donation

We need more money to keep going!  Every donation counts a lot, large or small. (See ‘What We Do with the Money’ – below).  You can make a donation using this form – 



[The name of our general fund is ‘Enabling Conservation for the Little People’. Please note that we are using a Charities Aid Foundation system which does not allow us to change all the web-forms as we’d like. It will ask if you want to be kept up to date by email (which we do) or phone or post (which we can’t do), so please ignore ‘phone’ and ‘post’]


Crew photo – Fairy Fair May 2019

Without volunteers, the Fair and Halloween would not take place.  The Fairyland Trust has only one part time paid worker – our co-ordinator Sarah Wise, who also often works unpaid.  Putting on the Fairy Fair or The Real Halloween can involve over a hundred crew who give a huge amount of voluntary time. Our Workshop Crew also undertake training throughout the year in natural history and performance skills.  Work on creating each event starts months before the actual day.  During the Fair or ‘Halloween, we need many more people to help in front-of-house and ‘behind the scenes’ ways from working in the pub or cafe to assisting in activities.  We also need help beforehand with collecting workshop materials, and social media, signage, giving out fliers at other events and other promotional activities. 

Plus between events, throughout the year, help is needed sorting, cleaning and repairing our seven tonnes of kit in our three stores. And we’d love more help with fundraising ~ a big weakness for us.  Many of these roles are not glamorous but a great way to get to know people and make friends.  Please contact Sarah if you’d like to help at events or in the stores, or contact Chris if you can help with fundraising or any form of promotion, or in administration, finance, governance or organizing.


Behind The Scenes @ Fairyland Trust from Chris Rose on Vimeo.



What We Do With The Money

The Fairyland Trust is a charity so it raises money which is then spent on its charitable objectives: in our case, reaching children and families with nature.  To do this it incurs costs putting on events and in training people to run them and safely and effectively as possible.  Unavoidable overheads include various types of insurance, transport and logistics costs, rent for our stores, vehicle maintenance, acquisition and upkeep of equipment, hire of equipment, office costs and accountancy and legal fees. Plus we have to pay to hire the site for the Fair and Halloween – currently, the wonderful Bradmoor Woods.

Some key event tasks take days of sustained and skilled work for which people are paid, along with a handful of professional external suppliers such as some performers, our photographer, and some vital functional roles such looking after the car park, first aid, waste, and toilets. 

We also invest in training, from ecology to performance and storytelling techniques and how to safely put up and take down a large tent, which is why our workshops can be so different from ‘standard’ make-and-do workshops.  This takes some paid preparation and delivery time, as do essential admin, record keeping, our website, and Health and Safety, as well as creation and preparation of new and existing Workshops.  Finally, volunteering is wonderful but to enable it to be effective and create events which can deliver on what they promise, it needs guaranteed organizing, which has to be paid for.  



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