The Fairyland Trust is a tiny charity with a big task, so your help makes a real difference to what we can achieve.   You’ll be helping children and helping nature.

Here are 11 ways to help.

1.  JOIN. Become a Supporter.  Our Supporters are our heroes because their donations really do keep everything going.  We’d love to have you as a Supporter.   Our quarterly Supporter’s Newsletter  has seasonal tips on helping wildlife and fairies, What’s Out in nature, and unique craft guides to things to make with your children.  The Supporters Newsletter area is here.

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2. Tell your friends about us.  We can’t shout loud enough ! Like our main Facebook page.  Follow us on twitter.  Post a review of one of our events somewhere people like you might see it.

3. Make a donation to the Fairy Meadow Fund.

blowing a wish

4. Bake and sell some Fairy Cakes to raise pennies for the Fairy Meadow Fund (remember to eat some but not too many, and to send us the donation).  Or get a baking friend to do it and help organize the party.  How about at work or with neighbours ?  Visit our Fairy Meadows Facebook page to join others who are already helping.  Contact

Vicky and Claire 1

5. Volunteer.  We need all sorts of help ‘behind the scenes’.  We need ‘People People’ who like meeting and greeting (you don’t need to know lots, just be happy to chat); sales and marketing folk who have the fundraising bug;  practical people who might help us maintain our kits and stores or collect materials for our Workshops, sew or make stuff; and people who might volunteer at our events (you also get to camp if you want).  Contact in the first instance.

6. Help even further behind the scenes.  If you know about organizations and don’t mind helping with projects and fundraising or conservation projects … contact

7. Help us by making contacts in the media or other organizations, however small or local, it all helps.  Most people have never heard of us.  (Press should contact

8. Think you might have things to sell (fair trade or handmade please) at our events ?  Contact

9. Keep up to date for free by joining our update list

10.  Create a place for nature and fairies in your garden (or balcony, window box etc), take a picture and let us know about it (

Have missed something ? Do let us know

Whatever you can do, thank you.



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