Fairyland Trust Birthday Parties

Bring Fairyland Trust magic to your child’s birthday with our special party package !

What to expect

Vicky will arrive at your home  (or chosen venue) 45 minutes before the start of the party and set up a lovely space with a decorated screen, fairy lights, carpet and little toadstool tops for the children to sit on. This will require five square metres of space. Once she has set up she will finish getting changed into one of our beautiful handmade wildflower costumes and be ready to greet your guests and the party child.

During the first hour Vicky will talk to the children about fairies and nature and lead a making activity where all the children can make a cornflower and a poppy corsage to wear in their hair or as buttonhole or as a wristband.

There will be chances to get up and move about and dance whilst learning how to identify some more wildflowers and why they are important to fairies.

In the second hour Vicky can help you serve the  party food , oversee the cake cutting, and parcelling up  the cake to go home,  organize photo shoots with the children, or help you with something that you may want to add in at this stage.

Finally she will add a beautifully designed packet of wildflower seeds into each child’s party bag, before saying goodbye and  packing up all the kit and leaving.


Please note that Vicky will not pretend to be a real fairy but she will tell the children that she loves fairies and likes to dress up as one as we are sure they do too.


Price: £150 for a 2 hour party for up to 15 children within 10 miles of Norwich.

We can accommodate more children and travel further if required. Please ask for details and costs.

Call Vicky now on 07732 100129 or email vicky@fairylandtrust.org


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