Royal Finale

Towards the end of the Fairy Fair, at 5.15 pm all the  magical creatures, characters, entertainers and visitors are invited to join the Fairy King and Queen for the Royal Finale. 

Their Majesties will process to the Stage on the Main Lawn.   Feel free to join them along the way, and assemble in front of the stage.  They will pause to inspect items that children may have made during the Fair.  

Adults please stand back to allow children to the front, behind the bunting or ropes.

The Queen will address the crowd and invite the Head Fairy Gardener to give the official Fairyland ‘State of Nature‘ report .  The Queen will give closing remarks, and give her blessing to the Watering Cans and all attending, before declaring the Fairy Fair closed.

Please be sure to bring your Watering Cans (symbol of the Fairy Gardeners).  

Everyone attending is then invited to join a procession to The Gates where photographs may be taken with the Pink Fairies, Wildflower Fairies and magical characters.

“To the gates!”


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