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Enjoy local Real Ales and Cider in our pop-up magical pub set in the atmospheric Bradmoor Woods Roundhouse. 

Whin Hill Cider: Draught Beers: Stirling, On The Huh, Worth The Wait, Lightning.   Run entirely by volunteers. All profits go to the Fairyland Trust charity. Magical decor.

In the Round House

* Exhibition NEWS *

This year we are again pleased to announce that following refurbishment, the Murrell Collection of paintings, photos and memorabilia featuring persons, creatures and things of interest to the magical police is once again on display.  Here are a few favourites back from restoration:

The Flute of the Unknown Dragon Charmer (with original charring) and Lemmy “shortly before losing his hat”.  The hat is on display in another part of the bar area, although it does wander off.

The only known photo’ of the 1337th Annual Magical Taxidermy Trip of the North Norfolk Branch of the Royal Wort-Raisers Society, to “the Wayland Hundred Swainmote and Dog Disturbing”. (The dog’s 79th trip, a local record).  Aelfnod Cunning Murrel is in attendance (second to left).

Elvishdales Prize Flock, Little Coughing Farm, Elmet 2009. (Photo: Farmer’s Weekly).

Cinderella’s Shoes and Vole Watching Glasses.  (Glasses caption reads:

Pair of Vole-Spotting Glasses with case, believed to have been used by ‘Two Badgers’ Wiglaf of Mercia, part time King and well known magical bookie (most active in the C9th) before being cast out for insider dealing.  Wiglaf was much loved for his “Guide to the Better Known Voles of Mercia”.

 Fragment of magical booking ticket found with glasses.  It reads “4/11 on: ‘Banksy’ in the Six-Perches two o-clock at Market Rasen” to which another hand has added “a dead cert” [the vole lost].

 [Glasses on loan from Watford Gap Services].)

One of a series of unique photographs from the Elf Training Camouflage Competition.  Thsi shows the famed Swayblathe bros winning the Mobile Pairs Event (unusually, held at Białowieża Forest in Poland).


Visitors discussing the merits of a Camo’ competition entry at a previous Fair.

You are encouraged to visit the Good Elf to see the new exhibition.


Feel free to come with your own Elf Ears.

bar staff good elf

Try out your most enchanted chat-up lines on the bar staff, who are always ready to give advice.

A good place to shelter or play adult hide and seek.



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