Drop Ins


Activities and workshops at the Fairy Fair

Drop ins are one of the workshops on the day that children can drop into once a space becomes available.

These are: Fairy Fair Crowns, Bumbling Bees, Pixie Post ( £2/ child) and Fairy and Elf Houses ( free). Plus, the brave can enter the Pirate Fete and play daft games with the Pirates such as Unlucky Dip and Splat the Ships Rat for £2 for a play- all- day wristband.

Families can also have an audience with The Fairy Queen and the King in their beautiful hut.  Look around The Fairy Queens’ garden, picking up tips on gardening for wildlife from the attentive Wildflower Fairies and Fairy Gardeners. You can also visit our new Wildflower Fortunes caravan (exhibit only)

More activities are to be found under Entertainment, Bookable Workshops  and Eat Drink Shop.

Activities and workshops at the Fairy Fair


Free Entertainment includes Maypole Dancing and Musical Toadstools, Story Telling all day with Mike Dodsworth, three bands (Foreign Locals,  the Moonshiners and  Pennyless), the No-new Plastic Fancy Dress Competition and The Pirate Panto children’s show.  Plus you may encounter the Flower Fairies, The Bugs, The Bees, Stripey the giant caterpillar (get involved, become legs),  the Rowanbank Stilts and Sybil The Giant Snail.  

You can also visit Pedro the Pony and Wild Touch (wild animal rescue charity with real animals) in the Animals Circle along with the Wildlife Hospital Vet bookable workshop and Face-Painting.

So there is loads to do – along with workshops, walking in the woods, eating, drinking and shopping. 



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