Halloween Games

Our Halloween Games are unique and without equal.  Like few other great sporting spectacles, our Games involve tradition, innovation, improvisation and naturally maturing vegetables .   

Come along and hone your skills.  A running order and menu of games will be announced on the day but may include Sugar Beet Shot Putt, Parsnip Skittles, Hook-a-sprout, Apple Bobbing, Butternut Squash Hoopla, Potato Juggling, Broomstick Pick-up Sticks and Root-Veg-Dodge. But most definitely, by popular demand, Shout at a Sprout.

Compete with friends or family?  Race against the clock?  Go for your personal best? 

£2/wristband  play as long as you like, and re-entry. No unaccompanied children.

Halloween Games are open from 1.30pm to 5 pm ( last entry 4.45pm) Saturday, 12.30 pm to 4 pm Sunday ( last entry 3.45 pm).


Halloween games

Halloween Games

Halloween Games




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