Fairy Lights

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Fairies are old fashioned creatures and are thought to like only natural fire light such as from a candle-lit lantern.  They are of course most often reported around dusk, or very, very early in the morning.  This is indeed the very best time to see wildlife of all sorts.  


In this Workshop you will hear a story and can make a  lovely decorated jam jar lantern – a Fairy Light – to help you discover magical creatures of all kinds, especially at dusk.  You will also learn about how helping wildlife could improve your chances of finding a fairy.

This workshop lasts 45 minutes and will start on time so please don’t be late. Adults must accompany all children under 6, but no more than one adult per child. No under 3’s are allowed into these workshops, so please prepare for this before booking.

Tip: try looking for them at the end of the garden.

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