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This page updates you about our  events.   To bring the Fairyland Trust magic and nature to an event near you, see our workshops (drop-in or bookable) and magical characters available for hire, at our Hire Us pages.


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Upcoming Events

(We are sorry but due to illness the Monday 6 May Crowns Workshop at the Rochester Sweeps Festival has had to be cancelled. Our apologies).

The Fairy Fair 2019 will be at Bradmoor Woods Norfolk on Sunday May 26th and Monday (Bank Holiday) May 27th. Bradmoor Woods is a lovely woodland site with many old native trees, between Swaffham and Kings Lynn.  See overview, magical workshops and more activities pages on this website.


Book here. Tier 1 tickets are £7.50 per person or £28 for a family of four (two adults, two children).  Once these are sold out tickets are £9 or £34 for a family of four.  You can book Workshops at the same time.

Bradmoor Woods during The Real Halloween last October


Recent Events

Elf Sticks Workshop, Saturday 9th February, Colchester Arts Centre

This is a rare opportunity to do our Elf Sticks Workshop as it takes a lot of preparation and doesn’t often come out. 

Hear the story of King Elfred who met The Fairyland Keeper of Time and learnt how to make an Elf Stick.  Elf Sticks how time is told in Fairyland, based on the comings and goings of nature.  Right now for instance, it’s Hazel Catkin time.

In the Workshop you get to  make your very own elf stick using a wide range of recycled and natural materials.  Together we will decorate a 1m long staff with rags and seasonal totems of nature and learn about seasons and phases of the moon and sun, which are of course, also vital natural time-tellers.

The workshop lasts 45 minutes.  It’s most suitable for ages 6-9 year olds.  See here for booking and venue details.

An Elf Stick in the making

In the Workshop

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