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What do parents really think about Halloween as it is celebrated these days ?  It’s an ancient British tradition but has it lost its roots and become all too American and commercial ? Or is all that fright-fest stuff and sugary treats just a good laugh and the modern version…

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Fairy Crowns in Colchester

Saturday 4th October saw three Fairy Crown Makers sharing their skills with families at Colchester Arts Centre.  The Crown Makers invited families into their workshop decorated with autumn leaves and berries and, making sure they were comfy, told the story of two children, Tarran and Willow, who were the first…

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Liftshare Now Available !

Coming to The Real Halloween ?  Tickets are selling briskly. If you are coming by car or are looking for a lift, please consider using our special Liftshare system.  You can find all you need to know here Any driver using Liftshare gets free parking (normally £2) and priority parking. …

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