Real Halloween Story at Dusk


The truly authentic Story of The Real Halloween from before plastic was even thought of.

Ready for the story

Mike Dodsworth and Callum McGowan bring the Story to life at The Real Halloween.

Told by candle-light as dusk falls and followed by the Parade of Animal Lanterns , our Story unveils the original Halloween when humans gave nature‚Äôs treats to the magical folk to stop bad tricks.  No sugar involved. 

Bring your jam-jar lanterns but be sure to be as quiet as a mouse during the Story.

We will help you light your lanterns.

This story is not suitable for under 3s: please do not bring them

no phone

owls rise

Please be ‘seated’ by 5.20 pm Saturday or 4.20 pm Sunday for ‘calling in the owls’.  Story ends about 6pm Saturday and 5pm Sunday.

Please – to avoid noise during the performance, do not bring babies, toddlers or adults who want to chat, as this means children cannot hear.  Please turn off all mobile phones or use flight mode.  Even ‘talking quietly at the back’ makes a lot of noise. 

no phone

Please do not take flash photographs or use LED lights or torches or phone torches as these spoil the atmosphere.

Thank you for your cooperation !


Anyone with buggies or under 3’s:

After the Story, the Parade will make its way through the woods, and back to the main Lawn.  Please do not join the Parade with buggies or under 3’s.  Please instead make use of the Good Elf Pub and Cafe as a warmer place to shelter.  The Parade will emerge from the woods, a fire show will take place on the Main Lawn. 

The Good Elf Pub and Cafe and food stalls will remain open until 7 pm Saturday and 6 pm Sunday.  (Visitors who have been to The Real Halloween before – please note this is later than previously, by popular request).


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