Actual Reality Arcade

The Actual Reality Arcade is a 3-D human sized vintage computer game arcade.  Has to be experienced In Real Life. Launched in Yarmouth in 2017, it’s mission has already taken it to new frontiers and festivals such as …

And exotic planetary locations such as …

As well as all over the UK

This life sized interactive game zone for all ages is inspired by 10 classic arcade games where YOU bring the games to life. Pilot spaceships, dodge barrels, build Tetris walls, fire rockets, shoot alien invaders and become Pac-Man. It has been a massive hit with people of all ages and backgrounds and we are excited to welcome it to the Fairy Fair.

What gamers say:


Get a wrist band for £2 and play all day if you like. Re-entry permitted. No batteries required. Proof against all known forms of Wifi failure.


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