Witches Owls

Little Owl (left) and Long Eared Owl (right)

Hear the story of why Owls were chosen by Witches as their special messengers, before being shown how to make own from pine cones and feathers that you can take home and play with. £4.50/ child.

Spaces for this 45 minute workshop can be booked in advance. Please note no under 3 s will be allowed in the tent whilst the workshop is going on and one adult must be present, so you may need to think about who will be accompanying your child(ren).

Choose to make either a Long Eared Owl or a Little Owl (real British species) and learn what makes them so special.

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Owl tweaking

Owl making

owl witches messengers

By now most of us know that magical folk use owls to carry messages far and wide but do you know how this first came about ?  Listen to the story in this workshop to find out !

Visit our Owells Page to discover a lot more things about owls, including some of those you might meet in and around the woods.

tawny flies

whisper the owl and friend ed

Little Owl

Long-eared owl


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