Wizard Training

“Had an fantastic afternoon enjoying a “Real Halloween ” – Conkers, Parsnip Skittles, Bat Mobiles, Corvids ( Ravens ) – lantern making, story telling, wand making, crafting but best of all was the Wizard Training in the woods with a 700 year old master wizard and the lantern walk through the woods with stories,  fire eaters and music at dusk – thank you” – JGC

“Most amazing time my grandson loved wizard training I think his mummy did too by the look of the smiles”

JM Gissing

Would you like to be a Wizard? Sign up for an introduction to Wizard Training and learn not only how to look and behave like one, but what Wizards like best, especially their favourite birds, the magical ‘Corvids’ (Rooks, Jackdaws, Crows and Ravens). Make a Wizard totem pouch, and get a listening ball and a special Wizard stamp tattoo to prove your apprenticeship.

Spaces for this 45 minute workshop can be booked in advance. Please note no under 3 s will be allowed in the arena whilst the training is going on and one adult must be present, so you may need to think about who will be accompanying your child.  £3 per child. 

Book here

Trainees receiving Wizard Pouches at Real Halloween 2018

Learning the right way to hold a Wizard Staff

Parents often help out

All real wizards grow a beard of course

Discover why the Corvids are the Wizards favourite creatures and the secret powers hidden in the forest

jackdaw practice

Takes place in the woods.   Involves quite a bit of jumping, hopping, walking, flying and noise making to order.  Plus beards.

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Jackdaw practice

crow practice

One of your Wizard Trainers





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