Moon Calendars

Making Moon Calendar swatches at WOMAD festival in 2019 [these Moon Calendars and Swatches are copyright The Fairyland Trust]

Did you know that the moon has ‘phases’ ?  That’s why it doesn’t always look the same, and is caused by the way the moon orbits around the earth and how it catches sunlight reflected back from the earth.  Lots of people know that but not many of them know which phase is which.  In this drop-in Workshop you get to make your own Moon Calendar based on the regular moon cycle of 28 days, which helps you mark time as nature does.  (This is a Workshop new to The Real Halloween – £2 per make, pay at the Workshop.  No under 3s, children must be accompanied by an adult).

Hare in bluebells

Lots of wild creatures live by the moon.  For instance frogs usually spawn on a full moon.  Many birds feed under the light of the moon – such as some wild geese and Lapwings for instance.  And Hares are famous for gathering in circles under the full moon.  We’ve seen them do it and legend has it that they are looking at the moon but they might just be looking at each other – it’s hard to tell.

Moon phase image from Moon Spirit Fire Creative Commons 2.0


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