Hedgehog Houses

This was new at the 2018 Real Halloween and was so popular that we are bringing it back for 2019.  Make a hedgehog and its house from natural materials.  You find just the right spot for her or him in the woods and put the house together.  But be careful – they are surprisingly difficult to find again afterwards!

This is a free drop in activity. Just join in when a space becomes available.  No unaccompanied children.

Making the hedgehog

Finding the right spot

Did you know?

  • It’s important to make sure there is no hedgehog living in a stick pile if you are having a bonfire!  Get your adult to take it to bits and put it together again before lighting.  Hedgehogs like to hibernate over winter in cosy places like piles of leaves and sticks.
  • Hedgehogs live in woods as well as hedgerows and gardens and they eat a lot of insects and slugs so are useful to gardeners
  • Old names for hedgehogs include “urchin” and “hedgepig”
  • Hedgehogs travel up to a mile or two every night in search of food and need to eat a lot – up to a third of their bodyweight!
  • Hedgehogs don’t climb well so to help them in and out of your garden your adult can make a hole in a fence or wall – it needs to be about 13cms across (more here from the Hedgehog Preservation Society)


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