Fairy Pets

UPDATE 1030am 20th May – all bookable Workshops are currently sold out both days except Elf Training.  (See booking site for availability – any spaces arising from cancellations will appear at that site or be sold on the day at the gate). 

Please note that there are three drop-in magical workshops which cannot be booked in advance, plus many other activities that do not involve advance booking, including free activities.

You can meet Stripey the Swallowtail butterfly as a walkabout on the Main Lawn when he is out and about and become a pair of legs if you are the right size.


 This is a bookable Workshop.  See Programme or booking site for start times.

Learn about two of our most exciting insects: the Elephant Hawk Moth which is a whopper among British moths, and the elegant Swallowtail which is a rare butterfly and in this country lives only in the nicest parts of the Norfolk Broads.

Hear the story of Stripey the fussy caterpillar and discover why unlike ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ in story-books, our real moths and butterflies will actually eat just a few types of plants when they are caterpillars, and sometimes only one!

Make a finger puppet caterpillar to wear and take home with you, and get a card with a hole for her or him to rest in, which tells you about it’s special food and shows you what the grown-up moth or butterfly looks like.  The Swallowtail is a striking yellow, black and white and the Elephant Hawk Moth is bright pink.  If you have the right plants you might even find Elephant Hawk Moths living in your garden.

This workshop lasts 45 minutes and will start on time so please don’t be late. Adults must accompany all children under 6, but no more than one adult per child. No under 3’s are allowed into these workshops, so please prepare for this before booking.

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