Magical Workshops

Please use the menu browse to the Magical Workshop activities of your choice.  Note that some of these are bookable and others are drop-ins.

“Amazing” is a word often used to describe our Workshops – come along and try them for yourself

Bookables (book here at the ticketing site) are Magic Wands, Witches Owls, Witches Bats, Wizard Training and Witch Training and are £3/child (thanks to our Supporters this is subsidized rate and less than the actual cost of the Workshop). 

The drop ins are free (Hedgehog houses and Witches Kitchens) or pay cash on the day (Moon Calendars £2 – a new Workshop).

A Wizard Trainer assisted by some adults explains the finer points of the Corvids – birds used by Wizards for their magical powers (last year’s Wizard Training)

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