Telling of the Real Halloween Story

Our Story of The Real Halloween* unveils the original Halloween when humans gave nature‚Äôs treats to the magical folk to stop bad tricks.  It follows a young man who discovers what goes wrong when the traditional ways are lost … and what might be done to put things right.


“Whatever you do, don’t …”

It is brought to life by our hard-working storytellers, Mike Dodsworth and Callum McGowan.  We hope you enjoy it.  Feel free to join in with ‘oohs and aahs’ and so forth, at appropriate moments.

(The Story is much too long for under 3’s so please don’t bring in babies or toddlers if you can help it – the cafe and pub will be open throughout).

In case of wind or rain, and to give everyone the chance of hearing, it’s in the Performance Tent.  Parents and carers – please let the children sit nearest the front.

* We are thinking about publishing the Story as a short illustrated book.  Once (or if) you’ve heard it, we’d like to know your thoughts on that – should we or not?  And, if we did, might you buy a copy, and do you have any useful contacts in publishing?  Please get in touch


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