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Halloween is a moment for fires, music, and stories, so we have them all, and for free, for your entertainment.

There are three bands each day, playing in the Performance Tent: Penny Less, the Georgia Shackleton Trio, and the Fenland Champagne and Moonshine Collaborative.

We’ve got two great storytellers, Mike Dodsworth and Callum McGowan, plus the amazing Rimski with his mobile piano who will be out and about around the site.

And by popular demand, the return of the Trolls.

Don’t forget to enter the unique Fairyland Veg-o-Lantern Competition (entries in by 3pm, prizes at 4pm).

Listen to The Story of the Real Halloween as dusk falls, and then  join the Parade of Animal Lanterns, and watch the Fire Show.

For full timings of activities see the Programme.  Overall event times:  Saturday gate opens 12.30pm, Sunday 11.30 am (car park 30 mins earlier), event closes 6.30 pm Saturday, 5.30pm Sunday.

For much more to do including workshops, drop-ins, games, eating and drinking and many things in the woods,  see Kids Activities and Big Kids Activities.

For a map see here.

Thanks to Visit Norfolk for the footage and Abbie Panks for the edit

Here’s a video of the parade coming up the hill (unedited):

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