Halloween Games

Open from 12.30 pm – 5 pm Saturday, 11.30 am – 4 pm Sunday.  Free

Will you be a winner ?  Keep an eye out for this year’s games to see what’s new or simply polish your conkers and stick to the tried and trusted options.

eye boule master

Did you try Eye Boules at the last Real Halloween ?

conker medals

Racing to apple bob

Many of our best loved Halloween games will be back alongside new surprises (the Arena is next to the Great Oak on the main lawn).


Like few other great sporting spectacles, our Games involve tradition, innovation, improvisation and naturally maturing vegetables (no sell-by dates).   Come along and get competitive.  A running order and menu of games will be announced on the day but may include Eye Boules, Bonkers Conkers, Sugar Beet Shot Putt,Parsnip Skittles, Hook-a-sprout, Apple Bobbing, Butternut Squash Hoopla, Potato Juggling, Broomstick Pick-up Sticks and Root-Veg-Dodge.

magical vegetable maestro

A maestro of magical vegetables from 2015

Wizard with cabbage at Halloween 11

bonkers conkers

conker champions




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