What Should You Wear ?

You do not have to dress up to attend The Real Halloween but if you do, you will be contributing to the event.  (Be sure of course to be warm and dry).

hat of leaves

dressing up 12

There is no dress code as such but please try to avoid masks as these can really scare small children.  Make up is good.  Or can be.  The whole idea of the event is to celebrate and recover some of the authentic nature-based origins of Halloween, not the recent mass-produced plastic version.  So it’s not a horror-fest.  Within reason.

Here are some styles adopted at previous Fairyland Trust events:

Couple 640

dressing up 3

So “fairyland” and “magical” are often good ideas, while some favour wizard or witch, medieval, pirate, super-hero, vampire, ghoul, woodsman, body-art, autumn-floral/veg’, Green Man, pixies, Lost Boys (and Girls) …

top hat and felt hat and bird

dressing up 5

Or ‘wildlife’ …. you could try hedgehog maybe.  Or bat.  Anything furry keeps you warm, which is worth considering.  We haven’t had many goblins yet, or not that we’ve noticed.  And Owls lend themselves to headgear decoration (try some of the shorter pheasant feathers).  A hat can make all the difference, and then there are capes and cloaks …


The Potion maker IMG_8331 IMG_8327 IMG_8310

ff352ff093flying lessondressing up 10jpgdressing up 8


ff26616fair12harry potter


dressing up 6dressing up 1dresing up 9dressing up 7

rainbow hat and sackclothmother daughter baby trh

ears hat and face painted ladyBoris and KarloffFamily at Real Halloween

Fire Safety: we advise parents/carers to avoid bringing children in shop-bought and plastic costumes at Halloween, as these are classed as toys and may not be as flame retarded/ resistant as shop-sold clothes are required to be.  If your children do wear such costumes please keep them safely away from the fires.  For more see here.  Thank you

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